Onboarding System


Welcome to FullSail System Onboarding System

Our onboarding system will aid in merging your current web application to FullSail Systems Infrastructure.
This system is broken down into two components:

Step 1: Online Onboarding Doc (Mandatory)

This form will give FullSail Systems Onboarding team all of the data necessary to migrate your site to our platform and run all necessary scripts to optimize your web application in the next step.
_A fillable pdf is also available here. Please be sure to download this docuement before you start filling it out. If you do not do this, the submit button at the bottom of the document will not work and you might lose the already entered information._

Please note: We will handle your information very carefully and remember we are here to help, but we need certain information upfront in order to start the process and be efficient with all of our time.

Step 2: Upload your web application via out Transfer System (Mandatory)

This transfer system will allow you to upload your data to FullSail Systems intake servers and will give FullSail Systems Onboarding team all of the physical data for your web application.
This system is the only option for uploading data for the onboarding team to work with your data. Please do not upload your data manually via FTP since our team will not automatically informed to start the physical onboarding process. In addition this data can not be used to optimize your web application.

If you have any questions about this process you can find a complete instruction manual in the FullSail Systems Resource Center
For terms and conditions for the use and availablility of the onboarding systems please visit this link